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Equipment We Use For Sessions

Video Equipment:

- Blackmagic 4K/6K Cinema Cameras

- Tokina & Meike Lenses

- RGB LED Studio Lights

-FalconEyes Lights

- Adobe Pro Premiere Editing Software

Audio Equipment:

-  Custom Tube Condenser Microphones

- Neumann, AKG, Shure, Earthworks Brand Microphones

- AEA Ribbon Mics & Ribbon Pre-Amps

- In Ear Monitor Systems

- Tube DI For Bass

- Midas Pre Amp Behringer Console

Studio Instruments:

Studio Drum Set

1710 Percussion - 5 Piece Custom Kit

10" Rack Tom

12" Rack Tom

16" Floor Tom

20" Kick

14" Custom 1710 Percussion Snare

Studio Keyboards

Fender Rhodes Mark I 73 & Suitcase Models

Digital Hammond Organs

Sequential/Moog/Roland/Oberheim Synthesizers

Spectrasonics Keyscape

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